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A service like HP Instant Ink might level the playing field of cost for ink vs toner. You pay so much per month for printing up to a specified number of pages (there are different plans). You can always pay a small amount to get extra pages that month. If they notice you are consistently going over or consistently not using all your pages, they will remind you to look at all available plans. A page is a page, so no worries about using tons of colored ink, a page of photos costs the same as a page of text. When your ink reaches a certain level, HP automatically sends out new cartridges so they are on hand. You never run out of ink, it's awesome. Used cartridges are returned in a paid envelope for recycling. dh and I both use it (separate plans and printers). We have older models, OfficeJet Pro 6830 and 8610, so those are probably not available but I know the OfficeJet Pro series is still going. 

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