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I have a favor to ask of someone who lives in the Northeast


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I am not sure if this should go in classifieds, but I doubt anyone would see it there anyway.  Feel free to delete, mods, if it is against board rules for some reason.

DH wants wild Maine blueberries (pref. organic, or at least without chemical pesticides or whatever).  We were in New England for the summer but left abruptly and didn't manage to get blueberries.  Disaster.  Can I pay someone to buy me some blueberries and ship them (via UPS? not sure) to Missouri?  I would send paypal.  PM me if you are able and willing to do this, or someone tell me it isn't possible for some reason, or that I can just go buy them online at suchandsuch site, or whatever.  Must be fresh, not frozen; must be wild Maine/Canadian/etc.  TIA

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