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Algebra extra credit - how many points?

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Jacob's Algebras has extra credit questions in the daily assignments (Set IV) and on the tests, but I don't see any suggestion on how many points to assign. What do you think would be a reasonable amount (percentage of the total?) to offer for extra credit?. The daily assignments seem to have about 45 questions with 1-3 extra credit questions and the tests run from 20 to 50 questions with 1 extra credit question. How do other math programs handle this?

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Based on my own experiences in school/university and my kids', I keep extra credit on tests to a maximum of 5%. This allows the student to make up for one or two simple mistakes, but doesn't inflate their grade by too much.

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I do not assign any credit for daily work in a homeschool; I expect daily work to be done correctly and completely.  I would assign extra problems as part of the regular daily assignment if that fit my educational goals for the student, i.e. the student needed more practice, or extra challenging work.

"Extra credit" is for schools that can't teach to mastery and can't dare give students the grade they deserve. 

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I don't grade daily exercises in Jacobs. The sets are designed to be learning opportunities, not graded problem sets.

I look at Set IV to be an additional opportunity to learn for the kids who are a bit more advanced. (My current kid who is finishing up Jacobs Algebra only faces Set IV with me explaining as we go through it. Most of the time, sets 2 & 3 are more than enough for her.)

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