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  1. Easy Peasy Homeschool with a babysitter or relative watching the child if she can't sounds good. About A Few Online Educational Video Sites
  2. has a nice colorful student book. They also have a nice online program:
  3. The Story Bible is a nice Bible story book for young children. ISBN 0758619022 Scripture memory cards would be nice for memorization.
  4. acresoft

    Typing has a nice online typing course. Another option for typing is
  5. Here is a vote for Horizons or Mathematical Reasoning from Critical Thinking Company.
  6. You could use readers without doing the questions, if he doesn't like the questions. Maybe narrating what he's read would be more enjoyable. Whatever the case, you want learning to be something he enjoys, and feels motivated by. Mosdos Press has literature. Christian Light Publications, and Bob Jones both have nice readers.
  7. Mathematical Reasoning is a nice colorful math curriculum. Explode the Code or Jolly Phonics is nice for phonics. Abeka Science is nice for science. Great Science Adventures is another great idea for science. The student makes a mini book and does an activity. For Bible study there is Memory Press, which uses the Bible story book called The Story Bible. A Bible Promise book is great, or products from or for Bible memory.
  8. Words Their Way is a nice spelling program based on sounds. The student does cutting and sorting with this program, which makes it fun for the child. Steck-Vaughn Spelling: Linking Words to Meaning is a nice colorful spelling curriculum, that includes some other language arts activities.
  9. Christian Light has a little for Canadian history. Scroll to the bottom of the page. For a list of books:
  10. The Simply Charlotte Mason plan should be enough academically, since they use other science and math curriculum in the higher grades.
  11. The best curriculum is one that is relaxed, and free of high pressure. It is an environment that is enjoyable, and motivating. One way of keeping it stress free is to not schedule more than is easy to do in a day. Plan on the basics like Bible, Phonics, Spelling, and Math, then there is plenty of time to go at your own pace on the other subjects, and if not the child has still learned the basics.
  12. The Learn Math Fast System might be of interest.
  13. Child1st has a nice phonics and spelling kit, with phonics cards for learning the sounds. Child1st also has readers. Victory Drill Book is great for getting up to speed in reading, with timed drills. You can also learn the sounds this way.
  14. Road Trip Activities: Play harmonica, or recorder on a road trip, as long as it doesn't distract the driver. Make up a story, with each person adding a sentence. Or play a game like 20 Questions, or License Plates.
  15. Great Science Adventures from Common Sense Press is for K-8. The students make lots of mini books, and do activities. Other multi grade curriculum options are Christian Kids Explore... from Bright Ideas Press, and God's Design for... from Answer's in Genesis.
  16. Christmas in My Heart is a nice series of books with Christmas stories.
  17. Mathematical Reasoning is a nice colorful curriculum.
  18. The Shoe Box Punchinello and the Most Marvelous Gift Legend of the Christmas Stocking Legend of the Candy Cane Elsie's Holiday at Roseland The Christmas Cookie And a Book For New Years: The Little Match Girl
  19. If she picks something that she likes, that's great. Christian Book has some nice options. Another option is a book with lots of short stories in it. Example: In Grandma's Attic There is also the Who Was biographies.
  20. Build-a-Word Phonics Kit is hands on phonics with letter tiles and flash cards. Junior Learning also has some great phonics products.
  21. MP Grammar Recitation, and Core Skills is enough for grammar.
  22. Diagramming the Scriptures by Shirley M. Forsen The whole book can be used, or sections where more practice is needed.
  23. The Swiss Family Robinson is a nice book. The Sower Series from Mott Media is another option.
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