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Homeschool Family Fitness

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I bought it from the HS Buyer's Co-op one year because we weren't doing a sport and they didn't have gym at co-op that year. 

You don't need much in the way of equipment.  

It's some calisthenics and then games. Sometimes it will suggest you go outside and play a game.

I found if I did everything they suggested for that "lesson" it took about an hour per day.

Mommy confession: my kids wanted me to join in, and that was difficult because I have a knee issue and it was hard on my knees. There was a lot of jumping. Also because we did it after our core school it would often eat into my own workout time.  

I think this curriculum would work best if you had more than two kids. It worked okay for us, but it would be even better for a larger family.  

Overall considering that I am not coordinated or sport-oriented, I found it relatively easy to follow and implement. During the winter we did our best to do things inside.  We had to skip some games because there is not enough space inside for them. 

Mommy confession 2: We never touched it again after that year. I decided I didn't want to manage physical fitness in addition to everything else.  Also, I have no idea how I could fit it in.  All of my "on" time needs to be focused on academic subjects and I didn't see this curriculum as being independent.  YMMV.  

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