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cave canem

They don't want the midyear report--good or bad? UPDATE: wasn't bad

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Just kidding, I don't think we can know.  I am just venting a little nervousness here.

I called one of my son's non-Common App schools today to ask whether they would prefer the midyear grades by email or via postal service.  The rep looked up my son's record and told me that we don't need to send any more information for him because he has already been reviewed. 

I thought my son had a great chance to be admitted by this school, but this didn't seem good to me.

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Even though Common App indicated that one of ds's schools required a mid-year report, when I emailed the school's admissions office, they replied that the report was not needed. An acceptance followed. So, may not be a bad thing! Good luck!!!



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Thank you, April.  I hope it comes out well for him. 

This school does not use the Common App and does require midyear grades.  The form to accompany them is on the admissions website.

The reasoning behind my being bummed was that if the school has decided to admit him, it would be contingent on the grades being OK, so the new grades would be required. On the other hand, if the decision not to admit has been made, it is unlikely that one additional semester of grades would change that, so the new grades would not be of interest.

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Or it could be that his prior grades were good enough and his ACT/SAT was good enough that they felt they could make a decision without midyear grades.  Colleges don't always follow the procedures they list on their websites.  You won't know until you know.  

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