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When your FAFSA is processed?


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Do you get a notification?

We did it the second week it was available but have not gotten anything confirming it’s been processed yet.


One of the schools he’s been accepted to is offering an extra 2,000 scholarship per year but your FAFSA has to be in by Dec 15.


Are we supposed to be notified somehow?


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Ok, I guess I just want to be sure it didn’t get lost or something weird.

It was done electronically, but still...

Well, hopefully it will get to the school in time.


I’m not sure of the turn around time between us filing and the info being sent to schools.


It shows up as completed on our FAFSA account, so I guess I’ll check with the school directly.

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I don't recall getting information from the schools that it was processed. You might call financial aid to confirm.


I had a brief moment of panic today when I saw there was an official looking letter from the IRS addressed to me. Turned out it was just notification that my tax info retrieval tool had been used for the FAFSA, whew! Did not remember getting that before.

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Argh, got a parent email that the award info was sent to kiddos email address. Kiddo just went to final prep stretch before robotics competition and I won’t see him till middle of the night Sunday.


Hoping he’ll forward me the email. I’m dying to know what his package is.

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