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Have you seen Lady Bird?

Janie Grace

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Was it good? Would you see it with your 18yo dd?


More specifically... is it sympathetic to both mom and daughter or is mom a jerk/lunatic?


Is it promoting of drug/alcohol use and promiscuity?I know those things are part of life in the real world (and my dd is very much being exposed to them during her first year of college) but I guess I am wondering if they are being played for laughs or if there is a seriousness about the impact they can have?


It sounds like it could be a great movie to see with dd over break (it looks wonderful), but I'm also a little leery. Thoughts?

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We saw the trailer the other night and OP, you articulated my thoughts just about perfectly.   My daughter is 18 too. 


And, how fun that it is based on Sacramento!  I didn't live there myself but relatives did and I spent a fair bit of time there in the past. 

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