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Ugh, I strained my back... Advice?


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I was trying to move a really heavy palette of shingles that had fallen on the floor of dh's car because I thought my sweater might be under there and it's cold.  But I had to bend and lean in, and I shouldn't have.  Stupid me.  I dropped it and stretched as soon as I felt the twinge, but I definitely did something...


Anyway, today we're moving dd19 into her dorm (which in includes 1.5 hrs of driving each way) and I also row crew 2x a week and I need it to be all better by next Wed (Mon is off for the holiday, at least...).


So, what should I do to make sure I don't further strain it today and make it all better by Wed?  I was thinking take Advil, but then might I be more likely to strain it more because it hurts less and I don't notice?  Put on Icy Hot (dd has that around, but would that help?).  I've been doing gentle stretches...  Should I refrain from lifting anything today (that will annoy the rest of the family...)



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Go to a chiropractor.


I dislocated two ribs last fall lifting something. Very painful, and I had almost no mobility. Already after the first visit to the chiro I felt SO much better. Yes, it would eventually have healed on its own, but having the ribs popped back in made the process much faster.


With back issues, it has been my experience that keeping moving gently is beneficial and better than resting completely

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I've done something similar to my back a few times in my life.  What helped was Advil, and sleeping on the floor for a few days.  (With some kind of a cushion under me, but with the support of the very firm floor.)


No sudden movements, walk slowly, move slowly, don't lift.  I probably wouldn't even stretch much.


Of course, I'm comparing it to my own experience, which may or may not be the same thing.

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