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planning AoPS number theory: 1/2 year, or a bit more?

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I am curious if anyone has a feel for how AoPS Intro. Number Theory progresses ... I'm following a schedule offered by StephanieZ, in which one plans one day/section and 4 (or 5, but I'm doing 4) days for the end-of-chapter work in AoPS books.  That would nicely complete Algebra in 1 school year, but for Number Theory I'm getting over 130 days and so it'll be more than 1/2 a year, even though we school 6 days/week. 


At any rate, it seems like this course is expected to take about 1/2 the time of Algebra, and I'm wondering if that is true?  Or maybe not? 


thank you for any perspectives on this! 


Also: I'm working with a child who really, really needs a schedule.  We can't do AoPS on a minutes/day basis.  I can give flex days if we get "behind" and will not stress the child unduly, but he needs a schedule.  ;) 

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My DS12 did the book over summer years ago. My DS11 just finished the AoPSonline class over summer. If you take the AoPS class schedule and just add a week to round up loose ends, that would make it 12 weeks +1 week = 13 weeks


The old Intro to Algebra online class was 24 weeks. So double the length of the Intro to Number Theory class. The current Intro to Algebra online class is split into A and B and becomes 16 + 16 = 32 weeks.

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Arcadia, thanks!  Roughly how much time/day did your children spend on it?  DS will be 12 next week, so right in that age range. 


ETA: it is great to have the online class on my mind; I can poke around for a syllabus or course description that can point to pacing it.


ETA #2: Roadrunner, completely missed your post at first!  That is _great_ news.  I want to fit a non-AoPS geometry in after the number theory this year, so this gives me hope.  :)

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Roughly how much time/day did your children spend on it?

DS11 spent about an hour or two per day but he fidget and dawdle as usual. If he concentrate he could be done in an hour or less daily.


DS12 tends to run a few math tracks concurrently so I gave up tracking years ago. He currently spend hours per day on intermediate number theory class because it is a summer class and he has no other summer class. The more free time he has the more time he spend on math. If he has other outsourced classes, he would spend an hour on math daily because he has other deadlines to meet.

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