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PSAT and SAT vocabulary?

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When I took the PSAT and SAT, the verbal portions were almost if not completely made up of vocabulary: sentence completion, analogies, and something else I can't recall.


Apparently it has all changed and is now mostly reading comprehension. Is there any vocabulary at all? 

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The vocabulary is tested "in context" and it's much, much easier.  As in this example from the PSAT (the sentence is actually part of a several paragraph long passage):


"Bigger fat stores mean a greater chance of surviving until spring."


As used in the line above, "stores" most nearly means... (A) preservatives, (B) reserves, © stacks, or (D) shelters. 


My son got all of the vocabulary questions on last year's PSAT right, and I know this wouldn't have been the case with the old PSAT.


The biggest payoff I found with CE was its focus on the vocabulary found in classic literature.

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The new 7th grader is prepping for the October PSAT.  There many words in the reading passages and the fill-in the blanks sections that  I know he does not have a definition.  But, he has started to understand the test is about reading in context.  Look for the context clues.  He is doing quite well.  We concentrate on math and reading.  We don't worry about the grammar correction part. I don't see that as an area he can significantly improve during a short prep period. 

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