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AngieW in Texas

Anybody have information about University of Regina, especially in regards to LGBT and accommodations?

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My 19yo (A) got admitted to University of Calgary and University of Regina (UR) as an international transfer student. UR actually emailed repeatedly with updates and offered a transfer scholarship. It's looking pretty good. Originally Dalhousie was at the top of A's list, but UR jumped to the top because they actively communicated to let us know when there were issues with any of the documents we sent. The other schools never did contact us until we contacted them and even then it was hard to find out what was causing the delays. The people we spoke with at the other schools never really seemed to know what was missing or needed to be done in a different way.


A is looking at starting at UR in the spring (admission is good for the next four consecutive semesters because sometimes students visas can take a while). We need to find out what credits they will take in transfer and get registered with the student accessibility office. At Adelphi, A had academic and housing accommodations (extended time for testing, ability to use laptop in class, testing in student access office, medical need for air conditioning, private room, and emotional support animal).


A has a puppy who is serving as an ESA, but is also being trained to provide mobility support. A has a really hard time with bending down because that often causes a drop in blood pressure and then passing out. A also has a lot of problems with dislocating joints (good day 5-7 times, bad day upwards of 20 times). The medical condition causes constant pain that also spikes into severe pain. At this point A has been in constant pain for three years and there has been a marked decrease in physical ability and stamina from 16yo to 19yo.


Do any of y'all know how they are for students who need accommodations?


We know that UR has a Pride Center that provides services to the LGBTQ community, so that looks good, but we'd love to know more if anybody has personal experience with the center. Adelphi talked about providing services and support, but didn't. A felt very unsafe on campus after witnessing others being harassed and being directly involved in an incident also (fortunately on the other side of a plexiglass window so he couldn't actually reach in).




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Well, I have not been to Regina, but I would be surprised to find much harassment there.  It is a smaller city, so you won't have the diversity you might find somewhere larger.  


I can speak to Dalhousie a little - it is a really big school with a lot of bureaucracy.  It's often better to speak more directly with undergrad or graduate advisors that to go through the higher level administration.

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I have a niece attending graduate school at the University of Calgary, if you have any questions or would like to get in touch with a current student. She chose U of C because of the city more so than the university, and ended up loving the university as well. 

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