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Fence Hardware - Can't Think of Name/Title


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We are building a spit rail fence. We have a gate. I would like a certain type of fence latch. But, I don't know the official name and my searches on Home Depot and Amazon are coming up with thousands of results. Can you help me narrow this down and give a name or proper title for this type of gate closure device?


What I want is...


A giant metal U shape - like a U shaped hoop - maybe 1/2" in diameter, probably 12-16" from top of U to base of U. The two U open ends affix to the stationary fence post next to the gate via some sort of screws or clamps. Then the two ends of the U shape can swing up and down like a moving rainbow. When the U is down, and the rainbow is flat,  parallel to the ground, the gate post is inside the U and the gate is closed. When the U is up, and the rainbow is a normal rainbow, and perpendicular to the ground, the gate post is free from the U and the gate is open.


Am I clear as mud?


I even tried finding pics online and I am coming up with lots of U shaped desk configurations and gardens. I know these things exist, as I recall seeing them on some fences.

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