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If we loved Mystery Science...

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...what else should we try for science?


We have Ellen McHenry units for our mum-intensive science lessons, and they're going well, but DS is really hungry in the brain at present and has blown through most of the Mystery Science lessons largely independently.


I'm after something video-based which will require little input from me. My health isn't fabulous at present, and I'm also studying and nearing exams, so I don't have hours upon hours to devote to science enrichment and bunny trails, so if DS can do this somewhat independently, that would he fabulous for us both. :)


We had a Happy Scientist subscription a few years ago. Should we try this again?


What's brainpop like? Is it very edutaining?


He's also enrolled in a few MOOCs, but these require a bit of support from me - we're using them to practice note-taking, among other skills.


Any other ideas are welcome!


Thanks in advance.

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BrainPop is very edutaining. DD loves it and has gotten a surprising (to me) amount out of it. It goes for breadth over depth, so a lot of introductions to subject matter. They have a free video of the day, I believe, if you and your son would like to check it out for a while.


The Happy Scientist also has a lot of free content, so you/he can check it out to see if it's a good fit now.


If you're ok with him being on YouTube, he might enjoy the Crash Course videos or the channel Periodic Table of Videos. (And a lot of others, those are just the ones popping to mind.)


The website kept my daughter edutained for hours upon hours.

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I haven't used it but I have heard great things about Supercharged Science. They are video based as well and apparently done really well.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I'll pre-view some of these tonight when I get some PC time to myself.

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We're going with brainpop for now, because it seemed the easiest option for me in terms of subscribe-and-go. DS is keen to do the quizzes and other such activities, so I'm hoping it will be more like autodidactic learning and less like an electronic babysitter.


(Is my mother-guilt showing? :/ )


I'll revisit the other suggestions on this thread when I'm not so flat out - I do appreciate all of your input!

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