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Summer reading list 7th and 4th grade

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Give me your best books to inspire a love of reading in your 7th grade boys and 4th grade girls (who would like boy books).  My dd is reading Peter Nimble so the follow up books for that would be great.  My ds also liked Peter Nimble.   Any other good books for giving these age groups a love of reading?

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My boys are almost 12 and finishing 6th grade.  Their 3 favorite book series to date are Harry Potter, The Mysterious Benedict Society, and Itch.  I have one that is hard to keep in books and one that doesn't love free reading, but does it before bed.


They read Code Talker, Out of My Mind, Things Not Seen (and other books by this author on their own time), The Wednesday Wars, and Mr. Lemoncello's library series for their literature class this past year.  I read them too and we enjoyed them all.  We read Wonder as a read-aloud and that was excellent although it made me cry.  They really enjoyed The Secret Keeper and The Book Scavenger this year as a read-aloud.  The Gregor the Overlander and Artimus Fowl series they read on their own and enjoyed. 

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There isn't much rhyme or reason to this list; it's just what one or both of my kids have read this year (similar ages).


My boys and the neighbor boy have all liked The Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch. 

The Chestry Oak

Pendragon (they can be a little intense)

Rick Riordan

Walk Two Moons

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

A Single Shard (on the young side for 7th)

The Trumpet of the Swan

Wrinkle in Time 

My older son also likes biographies. He's read and re-read Sargeant Reckless, which is a story about a war horse (Korean War, I believe).

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Is your 7th grader a solid reader? If so, The Yearling is one of our favorites. A Pulitzer novel about coming of age. Not often found on book lists but a classic. After he reads it, you could follow with a movie night. Gregory Peck stars in the older version (recommended) and there's a newer version as well. 



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