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is this typical?


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is this common?   dd had an interview two weeks ago.  the tech part of it is tomorrow - due to someone being on vacation.   last week - she spoke with the recruiter.  they've spoken with her last boss and lead (she had them down as two of her referrals, she had more.), who both told them they'd hire her in a heartbeat.  (it wasn't their decision to let her go.)


but my question about is this typical . . . the recruiter told her the hiring company has suspended their search pending the outcome of her tech interview tomorrow. . . how typical is that?  has anyone even heard of that?

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Tech manager here.  When I suspend the recruitment (from HR in my case), it means I have 1 or 2 excellent candidates on the line and don't need to interview more until these are resolved.


Good luck to your DD - it is probably a good sign!

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