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Graphic artists, computer scrapbookers, anyone with photo editing skills


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I barely taught myself to use Publisher to make  basic fliers.  What I want to do is take a .png silhouette and fill it with photos so that he collage is in the shape of that image.  Is there a simple way to do this?  


Help!  I did build some wood garden boxes for the first time today, so I'm not above watching a youtube video to learn a new skill.  I know what I want my flyer to look like but I don't have the skill to make it a real thing.



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This works with one picture only. You'd have to create the collage first, save it as a single image, and then insert that single image into an auto shape. This can also end up looking funky if the images are not all high-res but it is doable. You'd be very limited WRT to shapes tho.

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