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How much to pay for interior house painting?


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I would pay $60 per first coat (walls, trim, and ceiling), per normal sized -- say up to 14'x14' or so -- room w/o a lot of furniture moving. And $40 for a second coat.


That's assuming reasonably clean areas with reasonably little wall washing and furniture moving. (I.e., one hour of moving/vacuuming/washing for entire room). If the area is really gross or there's tons of furniture to move, I'd pay more, looking at $10/hr as a goal wage for more cleaning work. If it's already 100% ready to paint (including drop clothes/taping already done), then you could subtract $10 from the first coat price, making it $50.


I've painted A LOT and am *very practiced, fast and neat. FWIW, I could prep in an hour, paint the first coat in probably 3-4 hours and the 2nd coat in probably 2 hours. (I've painted dozens of rooms over the years, and I like it.) Add in an hour of cleaning brushes and getting stuff out and putting it away . . . You're looking at about 8 hours work for one room, for me, and I'm really good. :) I'm also *really* particular, though. (2 coats on every surface, very tidy lines, etc.) 


If there are ceilings over 10' and you don't have excellent ladders/scaffolding/etc, then you'd have to pay a LOT more. 

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