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  1. I like the idea of trying to redirect to things that are not language arts and math, but can still be mentally stimulating, like science, cultures, hobbies, etc. I can’t just let him “be a kid and play all day,” he has such a drive to learn! Of course he can learn and play, but you know what I mean. He loves learning Spanish words, as one of his teachers at preschool is Mexican. Maybe I could be more intentional about that. And he’s very mechanically oriented, and loves learning science too, so I’ll hold off on buying math workbooks and do more of that stuff until/unless he insists on ma
  2. Thank you! If I understand you correctly, are you saying that you would let him learn at his own pace and expect that he will likely need to be homeschooled until at least third grade? This is a good idea I hadn't thought of. I am interested in long-term homeschooling, I just don't want to commit to it at this stage and burn my bridges as far as successfully integrating into public school, if he goes crazy being at home too much or needs that more structured environment. Was well-rounded kindergarten for you at age 4 or 5? It seems like my options are to deci
  3. I have a 4yo (4y5m) who I think is certainly gifted, likely highly gifted. I started doing Phonics with him a couple months ago and he has made quick progress, working ~20 minutes per day when he feels like it. Yesterday when he spontaneously spelled the word “igloo” with some wooden letters, and a simple 4-word sentence, I thought, he’s definitely going to be too advanced for kindergarten when he would start by age in 1.5 years! Our state does not permit early entry to kindergarten. A child who does K in a private school at 4 can enter public school the following year in grade 1, though.
  4. Thanks for the advice, everyone. Sounds like a couple of you have setups similar to what I'm envisioning, so I appreciate your comments! Good/bad to know about Memoria Press Cottage...
  5. You can definitely self-study. My physics and calculus AP classes in high school were terrible and I studied myself from a textbook and then the “5 Steps to a 5†test prep books, which were excellent. That was 10 years ago, I don’t know if they’ve changed the tests dramatically since then. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I know I must sound so dense, but I really just don’t understand where I would start to find something like a behaviorist or therapist of any kind for him. I asked at the pediatrician’s office. It took her weeks to get back to me with the name of this one pediatric psychologist who had just moved into town and immediately moved away. Seriously, if anyone is willing to spend 5-10 minutes to poke around and see if there’s anyone you would try in my area, message me and I’ll tell you where I live. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The reason I’ve seen suggested to delay is that being academically advanced makes school boring, and can cause social problems. So if I teach him to read and add numbers now, I’m making it less likely that he would enjoy kindergarten or early elementary, if I don’t end up homeschooling. And given that he’s a difficult child with two close-aged siblings, and that I’ve not tried homeschool yet, I can’t rule out going to school as an option. I think that he does mostly well at school. He isn’t aggressive with other children, only with his family, so it’s probably as much a pa
  8. And I’m so confused by the world of psychological testing. How do you request a “full eval,†and what things do they test for? Both giftedness and disabilities would be considered? He was seen by a child psychologist a year ago, really because I just wanted advice for parenting a child for whom the usual advice doesn’t seem to work, but she didn’t seem very thorough or systematic and all I got out of that was that he isn’t autistic and needs a lot of structure and predictability. She said that he was likely to have some kind of behavioral diagnosis once he started school, but didnâ€
  9. Another parent told me that early admission to Kindergarten would require gifted testing in our state, so that’s what made me think about it. But as I don’t want to put him into public school for K anyway, then maybe there is no purpose at this stage. I have not yet inquired as to whether the school offers gifted testing for preschoolers for the purpose of early kinder entry. He’s been going to preschool since he was 2, because I was pregnant with my third child at that point and he’s very demanding. The social aspect, time away from home, and the structure have been very good for
  10. I’m pretty sure my 4yo is gifted. Someone recently suggested that as he has a fall birthday, I should consider asking for early admission to Kindergarten for him. (This fall rather than next fall.) I intend to homeschool, though. Is there a useful purpose for this kind of testing in homeschool, where you try to let each child work at his own level in each area anyway? I’m assuming that the answer is yes, but I would like a solid justification. If so, is there a particular type of test you would recommend at his age? He is especially proficient at problem solving, spatial skills, memory
  11. The new thing I got for my third was a portable hooded bassinet. He slept so well in there in whatever room we went to the first couple months. As an added bonus, mine hooked into our stroller and was much nicer for walks than the bucket car seat. If you formula feed, Baby Brezza is 100 times worth the money. Also one of those dishwasher baskets meant for bottle supplies is really nice and has many uses beyond bottles. A video monitor is a useful extra. I wish I had a swing, but I never had room for one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. No junk drawer in the house. I do have some office supplies in a drawer with silverware in the kitchen, but it’s organized and I know what’s there. There are junk drawers in the garage. Maybe all the drawers. If anything even makes it as far as a drawer. That’s DH’s domain. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I’m not as strict about car seat safety as other parents. I would bring a baby bucket seat and let the other two go without. You could bring a small backless booster for the 4yo if you were especially concerned, but the forward-facing seat would suffice for the airport trip. I would be fine with kids riding a bus for 7 miles without car seats, and would wear the baby in a structured carrier. In my state a trip in a taxi situation without a car seat at age 4 would not be illegal, but California has a lot more laws about everything, so maybe it is illegal there. Sent from my iPhone usi
  14. I’m noticing this too... Do you think it’s a disadvantage for the youngers that we should correct?
  15. Where will “put away all the stuff family members put all over the place†fit into the daily routines? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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