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Cultural geography of modern Europe?

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I'm not quite sure if that's the right term for what I'm looking for. We've covered some ancient history and a lot of random interest-based. We may be moving to the U.K. or Spain in the next few months, and I realized that my kid knows next to nothing about the continent outside of ancients. Any ideas for a quick crash course in European geography, culture, landmarks, etc?


Books are her preferred learning method, but websites or videos might work. Elementary age interest level, any reading level.

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We actually made the move when my dc's were your dd's age. One thing they loved were travel dvd's from the library for all of Europe. They loved Rick Steve and actually remember things they saw 10 years ago on one of his dvds. If the UK looks like the destination my kids liked book series like Murderous Maths and Horrible Science at that time too. They also read the Harry Potter books....They didn't care for Horrible Histories at all but lots of youtube available for those!


Eta Oxford Press makes a great geography curriculum for KS 3 so middle school. All sorts of fascinating things in it.

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Seconding watching Rick Steve's Videos.  Another travel video series we like is Samantha Brown (on Amazon).

Are you foodies?  "I'll Have What Phil's Having" has a few episodes set in Europe.


 Bella & Harry Series, Carole P Roman series, Carole Marsh series of mysteries.

"Look what came from" books

I thought Sasek's books (linked above) were good, but they were more enjoyable after you had been to the places.


A folk tale or fairy tale from the country each day.

World Alphabet books ... Here's one series. Here's another.


ETA:  Dodsworth books aren't very deep but  quick and fun. 



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We are moving to Belgium this summer, and I am looking for the same thing. We actually have been doing world geography this year, and my 3rd grader is using the text The World and Its People. It probably isn't what you are looking for, though.


The Usborne book Peoples of the World is interesting, and they have a website full of internet links. You just enter the page numbers of the country and you get a list of websites.


I have an older student who should be doing world history next year, but I am thinking of doing European history. I can pull out chapters from our world history book and add in documentaries plus, of course, field trips!

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