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2nd grade math for kid who loves coloring

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My DS will be 6 in June. He's advanced so he will be doing 2nd grade math, but he is so very 5 in so many ways. One light bulb that just went off is that his favorite subjects (Bible with Stick Figuring and Evan Moor geography) are both very coloring-heavy. I think if I apply this across the board we will both be much happier. I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for a 2nd grade math curriculum that would prepare him for Beast Academy 3 (which I think/hope he will enjoy) but be fun and full of coloring.



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He might be happier, or it might be overkill.  Ice cream every meal of the day is likely to start tasting awful after a while.


That said, we enjoyed MEP.  It's one of the two that Beast Academy recommended on their Facebook page (the other being Singapore).  There is some coloring but it eases up over time.  Year 1 had quite a bit, year 2 and 3 used it mainly for discovering patterns.



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Spunky Math has small pictures to color in the workbook. Saxon 2 has activities that involve coloring also. But truthfully, I would supplement whatever math curriculum you have been using if it is working for him. Too much switching early on isn't good, you get holes. Here are a few ideas, maybe one will work:

Have him Trace pattern blocks in patterns and color them it.

Print out a coloring sheet for him and then make math problems to solve as a color by number (the answers would tell what color).

Trace pennies, dimes, ect.. and then have him color in the correct coins to match a certain amount.

Use Tanagrams to make complex designs to color.

Use a hundreds # chart and have him color all the even #s, count by 3's or which ever counting sequence you want to work on.

Have him draw a parking lot or several with X # spaces. Then he "drives" X # of matchbox cars that need to park in his lot(s).Have him figure out how many cars won't fit or how many he could still park in there (this works with all sorts of problems by changing the grouping of cars or placement in lots to cover +,-, x, or division).

There are several book with math games and activities you may be able to find at the library.

Hope he continues to enjoy his coloring! Mine still do a lot of coloring as picture narrations for reading.

They grow up so fast! :001_smile:

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