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Not inexpensive AT ALL, but Analytical Grammar meets all your other requirements. I think doing season 1 for 9 weeks or so would be ideal for 5th/6th graders, then move on to your modified WWE stuff for the remainder of the year using what you learned in grammar the first 9 weeks.


Hopefully someone else chimes in for you! :)

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Did you delete because you found something or because time ran out?


I wish I could have helped. The only thing I could weigh in on was the Memoria Press Grammar Recitations, but I've never seen the workbooks at any level. We have the actual Grammar Recitation book & I've used it to come up with questions & answers for the kids to memorize. I've found that I had to pick & choose across many of the 'levels' to get what I wanted.


FLL4 is a good book, but I thought it was either too expensive or too teacher-led to work for a co-op situation. The new ALL (whatever it is named now) might have been a good pick as you could have the core book & they could have the workbook level 1, but I don't know what it will end up costing and whether you needed it already this semester.


I also thought of Growing With Grammar, but perhaps that was too expensive or not good enough for what you were hoping to do?

Anyway, I hope you found something.

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