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Science and History help....


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I need recommendations for these 2 subjects for my struggling learner. She will be entering high school next year. I have determined that I just need to get her through with as much ease as possible. I have English and math figured out....but these 2 (because of all the reading) I'm not sure what to use. Any suggestions?

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If reading is the major disability, could you have her watch documentaries and series like The Great Courses? My son is an audio visual learner. It would be pulling teeth for him to read his history and science. For years, I read aloud. Now he watches it and has to have discussions or write up the content. It works much better for him and I am not on the hook to get it done.


Great Courses plus is $180 for the year. If you utilize it for two subjects, that is under $100 each. At least that is how I justify it :)

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