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Google Photos - Pros and Cons?


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My wife and DD went to the superstore where we'd purchased 3 cell phones during the past 13 months, today, to buy a Motorola phone for DD.  I looked at what I think is the Motorola Colombia web page for that model and it says something about 2 years of Google Photo service


If anyone here uses (or has used) Google Photo what are the pros and cons? The good, the bad and the ugly?


TIA!    https://www.google.com/photos/about/



This is the 3rd Motorola phone purchased there. The other one is a Lenova (Lenovo owns Motorola Mobility).   I'm using a 3 year old Samsung that works very well, but when that one goes, I am going to Motorola or Lenovo.    


ETA: Correction

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Bumping my own thread. They got home awhile ago. They did not buy the least expensive Motorola. I liked that one because I think it has a Removable Battery, which is becoming harder to find in Smart phones these days. They spent approximately USD $40 or 45 more (prices here include tax, which is 16%, possibly 19%).  The phone DD got is much much nicer than the lower cost Motorola phone.  It was approximately USD $179 for a phone that left the Motorola factory unbranded and unlocked and has a one year warranty from Motorola Colombia.  I found it on Amazon but I think most of the information is in Spanish:  



Back to the topic of Google Photos, if anyone has experience with that, I'm curious.  I logged into Google and found Google Photos had photos I posted after attending a concert in 1999, so that was previously called Google Picasa I think.


My curiosity with this thread is how Google Photos works with cell phones, since it was Motorola where I noticed the phone being able to use Google Photos. 

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I use Google photos. I have my phone set up to automatically upload my photos once I have Wifi access (I don't want it eating all my data).


Nice because my photos are automatically backed up, so if I lose my phone, I still have all my photos.


I can set up shareable links so relatives can see the photos online.


If there is a con, I haven't found it yet. 


When I got a new photos, presto! chango! All my old photos automatically showed up on my new phone. I liked that. YMMV.

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I love using Google Photos. It's free if you allow it to reduce your photo size a bit. It doesn't affect how photos look online or even when printed at 4x6. I have it upload everything automatically via wifi. I also share albums with family because I don't post family photos publically.


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