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ETC 4 vs 5


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Hi everyone! So we are in lesson 4 of of Book 4 of ETC. We completed Book 3 recently, so I am fairly familiar with how it works. I am in the midst of lesson planning for the next few weeks, and I've noticed that some of the lessons, starting with lesson 6, seem to be a little more advanced than I was expecting. Not trying to underestimate my girls, but I am a bit concerned so I am allotting extra time for these lessons. We just learned syllables, and they do get it (and like doing them!) but the open and closed syllables seem a little confusing. TBH I don't even remember learning open and closed syllables :)


I recall reading somewhere that some homeschoolers flip flop books 4 and 5, doing 5 first, because they claim 4 is more difficult. Does anyone here do that? I'm wondering if it's true. I do already have book 5 (my girls really like ETC so thus far we've been going through it pretty quickly, doing a lesson a day or over 2 days) so I could switch over 5. But if the lessons build on themselves I don't want to cause confusion.


Guess I'm just looking for advice for those who've used ETC.




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We did them in order, and refer frequently to open and closed syllables when addressing spelling questions.  


That's why I say it was useful. But at the point at which we got to it, ds wasn't really cognitively ready for the concepts yet. And book 5 hardly uses them at all and focuses on other new patterns. That's why it seems really off to me.


I do think other things teach the open vs. closed concepts much better - other ds had to do AAS, for example and it's covered much more clearly in there, IMHO.

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