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gymnastics camp for level ten boy

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I took a group of girls to USGTC in South Hadley MA a few years back. It was a great camp - beginners all the way up through training Elites there (Sabrina Vega, Marian Dragalescu & Blaine Wilson and a couple of others who I don't remember off the top of my head). Lots of high-level coaches, I shadowed a couple of college coaches for the week I was there, which was a great experience for me. The gymnasts got a lot out of the camp too. 



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Thanks, Amanda.  How long  ago was it?


I said a few years, but thought about it after and I think it was 10 years ago!! Yikes. I'm feeling old now. :-) 


Looking through the pictures, it looks like the same people are running it. They did a great job. The campers stay in college dorms and can decorate their rooms if they want. The year we were there, there was a holiday theme, so the girls decorated for Christmas and winter decorations in July. They had a blast and I think there were contests for most festive rooms. 


I'm trying to remember how days went: 


Mornings started with breakfast in the dorms - the food was good and there was a good mix of options. 


First session at the gym started with warm up dancing - "Cotton Eyed Joe" "Marcarena" and all sorts of crazy group dances, which really got the kids going for the day. 


First day of camp, or maybe the afternoon they got there, they had event testing and the kids were split into 8 groups or so. The gym is HUGE - I think they have like 8 vaults and sets of bars. Tons of pit work - you can do everything into a pit, vault, high bar, rings, tumbling, etc. The lowest levels were beginners who had never done gymnastics or in rec classes, and the top levels were kids on the elite track. They really have everyone there. 


They have a morning workout and an afternoon workout. Also, there were optional open workout times, which were nice. I was able to bring my team in with me during evening sessions to work together. 


There was an afternoon break where the kids could swim and I think had a couple of other options and then there were activities planned each evening after workouts were done. One night was a movie night, one night was a talent show, etc. 


I was impressed by the counselors and the care everyone took to ensure the safety of the kids. They handled homesickness, catty pre-teen girls and a crazy thunderstorm that knocked out power and scared a bunch of the smaller kids and did it all really well. 

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