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Do Fry phrases work?


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Hi everyone,


I'm using Fry phrases with my students. They LOVE them! We track how long it takes to read a set and graph it, and they're always psyched to beat their scores.


What I'm wondering is - do they really work? I'm on board with practicing the most common words - that seems like a no-brainer - but do the phrases themselves help? There's a lot of research showing that repeated reading helps with fluency, but I can't find anything 'official' about the phrases. I don't want to spend time each day on something that probably isn't helping since I could just do fluency passages instead.


What do you think? Have you seen an improvement with Fry phrases?

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I don't know, but as a parent I would be thrilled for a part of reading time to be spent on something with so much motivation and (it sounds like) confidence-building for the students.


I would not like that to be the whole lesson, but motivation and confidence are so important and can lead to more willingness to practice at home or start a routine of practicing at home that might transfer to other things.


Of course double duty is the best, but that is my parent opinion ;)

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When DS was using Wilson, there were word lists, phrases, practice sentences, and fluency paragraphs. I guess the question is why not use them? Fry words are commonly used words and need to be mastered. If the kids enjoy them, use them if they support the materials you are already have.

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