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AP studio art drawing for homeschooler?

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I have a teen friend who is a talented artist, works with a mentor on drawing, who easily could create the portfolio for AP studio art (and it would be helpful for her college applications, since she won't have many other outside validations except for ACT scores), but it looks like it must be forwarded by a course coordinator (as the equivalent of the exam). Does anyone know of a way/service/provider that has AP studio art for homeschoolers? The mentor says it does definitely benefit students to have it on their transcript, but normally she gets students who have completed it, not who are putting it together.

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I don't know if it is any different now, but back when I looked into it, you had to have a school willing to submit the portfolio for you.


Here is a really old post with that same perspective. I don't know if that has changed more recently. I looked into it 3-4 years ago, I think. An AP Coordinator had to submit them for you. If this is still the case, I'd either have the mom or the mentor contact the local AP Coordinator (public, private, or umbrella school).

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