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Prodigy math help needed.

I signed dd up for a free account. I want her to play some fun math games over the summer, basic review. The game format is definitely appealing to her. But I don't know if I set up the placement wrong or what. It just keeps giving her fraction questions that are way over her head. I figured it would see she's missing them and lower the questions. I hate those automatic placement games where basically the kid has to fail to get to their level. How can I change her account or whatever so that she's just getting some basic review, not all challenge all the time? She should be able to play independently, right?

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The most useful tool I've found in Prodigy is the Assignment page, because you can use it to set the types of problems you want her to do. I just skipped the assessment test, because DD for some reason got stuck on the same type of question over and over, even though those questions were well below her level, and was never able to finish the assessment. (Highly annoying.) If you choose the grade level, you can then take a look at the types of questions they typically give for that grade, then tailor the assignments within that grade.


Assigning problem types is wonderful, because I can use it for reinforcement of the topics we're currently working on outside of the game.


(As an FYI, one of the members here is setting up a group buy for full membership, which was posted about on the K-8 page. Much cheaper than the typical year's membership, around $11.50. Definitely worth it if your daughter is engaged in the game.)

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