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Written Output in History

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Do colleges ever ask for writing samples for social studies?  I would prefer to base our history class this year entirely on discussion and reading but I am not sure if there needs to be written work.  If there needs to be written output I would come up with a couple of longer papers.  This child has various issues and last year was extremely stressful.  I would like him to have a year where he simply enjoys learning.

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When my older boys went to college they just wanted a diploma and SAT scores. I would think if you listed every and all things read and discussed that could be enough. I know you don't want this him to write, but he could keep a journal or kind of a scrapbook of topics learned.  If you go on field trips/visit specific places of interest to the topic, write it down and take pictures. If you visit someone who has anything to do with whatever topic you're studying write it down, maybe interview them.

Hope this helps. We've just jumped back into schooling at home for the last year of high school because of family and external school issues after being in public school for 3 years. Best wishes to you and yours.


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Great, thanks every one.  We will be doing Medieval History.  He spent the summer in Germany and has a ton of pictures of medieval places he visited.  He also kept a notebook with impressions and thoughts.  Good to know that will be enough.  We will be using "The Great Courses" and probably the Oxford History of Medieval Europe and/or the Spielvogel text as well as some original sources.

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