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  1. Can I say "all the above"? We keep up with things daily/ hourly and do deep cleaning on weekends or as needed. Once upon a time, I had set chores posted in the kitchen with detailed intructions, now we just clean after ourselves and when something extra needs to be done -we do it.
  2. We are setting my leave goal date to April. Going to bank my next few months of pay. Will be ready for the end of the year and start fresh in the summer. Thanks to all for being the wonderful sound board I knew you would be.
  3. Should be no longer than 4.5 hrs. esp. when instructing young children...if need be alternate days, give plenty of breaks between subjects -not during, unless either of you are going to melt-down. Not to say that an older student shouldn't work longer, but not all day either. I think that children need bite-size pieces of information or time spent learning until they can handle two bites, then three...so on. Start with 1/2 hr. increments at age 3 or 4 then add extra time. Take a break, walk, run outside for 1/2 hour then tackle another subject. As they age add more time to classes, keep br
  4. This really is the question... I work part time, ds13 is with me. I don't make tons of money but it does help. I spent all weekend working on a buget - without my contribution and we can live on what dh brings home. It will be tight. Four years ago I went back to work after being home ten years in order to payoff a few bills. Instead of doing so, we managed to accrue a few more. Since then dh has received raises. Just saying this balances us back to where we were afew years ago...maybe a little better. Also this weekend we were able to focus on just school (business trip - hung ou
  5. Thanks to all who voiced their opinion...it's great to have a diverse sounding board.
  6. Anyone read the series Diary of a Whimpy Kid? pros and cons -for a 7th grader DS? (thanks in advance)
  7. SOTW #3 for history and Botany (Apologia) for science.
  8. Anyone here use this for reading, language arts or math? If so how does it compare with Life Pacs, Easy Grammar, or any other curriculum. What I'm asking is if anyone can tell me their experience w/Christian Light Education/Publications I'd be truly grateful. I'm pretty sure we'll use Intermediate MUS this year (I have the teacher's manual and all the manipulatives) so I don't see why not. And then we'll go on to the Advance level (still have all support items). I do thank everyone for posting in their own threads about what they're using b/c not knowing it you gals/guys are help
  9. so I can see/help him most of the time, except for the very bust days w/activities and even then there are people in my office off and on. I am thinking of either going in an hour later and spending that time explaining the newest math concept or going in earlier and leaving earlier to do the same. For science I'd like to study anatomy since he's going through all these boy changes :O) or maybe botany. We have botany on middle grade level and the anatomy is more like high school credit. Well, I just answered my own thought - and he just said (just now) that he'd like to study botany b
  10. for a rising 7th grader (by age) but more like 5/6th grader by skill. I have all kinds of curriculum left over from my oldest boys. Everything from Apologia Science to MUS math to Henle Latin to Easy Grammar... I'm at a loss as to what to use for him in just about all subjects. ~~Starting to panic~~ He was a late speaker and late reader, but can read and comprehend well now. Last book read was 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and is now reading Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. He hates to write and is a poor speller. He gets extremely frustrated with math as I do too. I'm sur
  11. could've gotten the math and language arts free off the LifePacs (Alpha Omega) website. Instead I ordered them from CBD and paid $20+ SH for the set of which I only needed the Math and Language Arts anyway, sigh... And now that I'm looking at them -it frustrates me and I'm stressing over how well he will test. and then I'm not even sure if we'll go w/LP in the upcoming year. So, once he tests and I know where to start w/LP that's not going to help me know where to start him w/other programs...once we decide...Oh, the agony of curriculum choices, too many... Really, a side note mak
  12. grades with my oldest two. I liked them b/c of your reason: less hands on and they are child friendly. I am considering LP again for my now 6th grader beginning next year b/c I work now (he goes to work w/me) and I need more organization. They are very well laid out and easy to follow esp. if your dc are self governing. I'd like to hear too from someone else who has used them for consecutive years. ~Stephanie
  13. used and loved Horizons through 6th grade. If Horizons had upper levels we probably wouldn't have switched to MUS although it's a good program. I'd go w/Horizons.
  14. Just wanted to commiserate...I have all boys ages 20, 18 and 12. There were many, many times that I felt at least the same way you're feeling or worse. At the present I'm trying to figure out where my last little guy is in all subjects. I work as a church secretary and he goes with me to work and days go by that if he reads and writes in his journal he's doing great. The upside is he gets to spend time with his church family and is learning all the ins and outs of church property management :O) Then there are other days when he is able to complete all assignments and either catch up or ge
  15. using MUS all the way through. Well, ds#1 used Horizons (which I loved, but it only went through 6th grade) That's when we started with MUS for all. I like the program and yes sometimes it's blah, but the points made are important and being consistent was more important to the older guys. We veered off from MUS with ds#3 and really wish we'd stayed true with the program. Now we're going back and having to figure out where he is - level wise. My opinion: keep going esp. if it's a good match. Of course, if not then look for something else. blessings, Stephanie
  16. I'm waiting and praying for 18yos to change, to want to change, because I can want him to change all I want, but if he doesn't want to change it's not going to happen. Our family has been round and round with him and his lifestyle (not safe). Forgiveness is for the person forgiving as much as for the person asking for it. Thank you all for this thread/topic. Hope things work out for the original posted. Peace and Blessings, ~Stephanie
  17. I'm looking for what to use for upcoming 7th grader son... Shurley Grammar or LifePacs for all subjects. Any thoughts? Suggestions?
  18. Hey there, Unicorn...I saw them at Best Buy the other day.
  19. In kindergarten we did not plan out...we did have an idea of what to do each day...1 page in this book, flash cards for phonics...etc...but not written assignments. As the boys got older I planned out everything. Then thigns didn't go exactly quite right, so I'd have to erase and rewrite plans, again and again...b/c if they didn't catch on to a certain concept we'd have to slow down...so then I started writting plans weekly -in pencil. Last year for my 10yos I made plans he'd do more than what was written, so I started writting the plans in the planner after he did the work. Now he knows he ha
  20. Yeah...this is what I decided to do. I think I was overwhelmed with everything and trying to decide on the best fit. YK? Thanks for replying. ~S
  21. I've written all these down to check out myself for our ds11. The curriculum we used for our older two dss (now 18 & 20) was La Classe Divertida by the Gomache family I think I spelled htis correctly. Anyway, when our 18 yo went to high school they placed him in honors Spanish b/c he could speak, understand and write well in Spanish. La Classe...is fun and has lots of activities for the children, so they learn, but it's not mundane and boring. Not that these others suggested are, b/c they look interesting, but I know La Classe is not. They had a Level I and Level II geared for elementary a
  22. We've used MUS for years, then he came out with all the different levels: gamma, delta, epsilon, etc...I think my guy is not ready for Intermediate, but is between delta and eps. I'm so confused, maybe I'll be straight in the a.m.
  23. for 6 grade? Our 11 yo ds going into the 6 grade and is a struggling reader, although doing much better, is reading Around the World in 80 Days (abbr ver.) and has not gotten much practice with multiplying, fractions/decimals, or dividing. I think MathUSee Delta is not the right material eventhough it's next in line for him-just finshed Gamma (he should be farther in this program) and the other levels are prabably too advanced. So, what do I do? Get the Delta and hop-skip through it then jump into the next book or take a couple of months, do something like Spectrum or MCP from BN, work quickly
  24. Hey Jean, I've been out of the loop for months...taking care of personal/home stuff....may I ask what is "wordless wednesday"? I can assume...but know that's not always good :O) ~S
  25. Hey, chica :o) just sent you a message. and I agree I wouldn't test in the early years, either. However, if a young child 'wants' to be 'tested' I'd make up one. You know, for the child who has to experience things. Our middle (ds17) had to have tests b/c his older brother had them. So, I'd give him one, made it very serious, not pressured, but serious. That way he knew he was getting a 'real' test and later when he actually had rests he took them seriously. I think his first test was a coloring book page, or wrtiing all the letters of the alphabet. Good luck. ~S
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