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I don't know excel...


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there have been some jobs I have considered applying for where this is a requirement, but not the main aspect of the job. There are other jobs where it would be helpful. It seems entry level for what I eventually want to do requires Excel. 


I've come to the conclusion I need excel to get my foot further in the door than I have it now. 


I've found a few places that offer training online. I'm thinking about doing one of these programs. It appears you get a license for the version of excel you are using in the course for a certain period in most of these courses. 


There are many versions of Excel out. If you were going to pursue some kind of training in this software, what version would you pursue the training in 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016. I want to be able to generically say I can do X, Y, Z in excel and possible demonstrate if there is some sort of interview test. 

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You can probably find a lot of free "How Tos" and courses, online.  Also, you can sign up for a Microsoft account that  permits Online use of Microsoft Office Online. I think it is MicrosoftOnline.com 


ETA: The URL above is not the correct URL.  I googled and here is the correct UR for Free Office Online Apps:


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