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Stories or poems grouped by character traits?

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The Book of Virtues has stories categorized into 10 virtues. 


I just got the the CHSH Learning the Character Traits from the build your bundle sale.  It is based upon reading a book to go along with the trait.  For $1.00 you can purchase (unless you are a member) the book list to go along with the 20 traits.  At this point I am looking for other available lists on the web. 


I found a book list on traits (secular) from San Diego Office of Education



And at kidsofintegrity.com there are lessons on many traits all from the bible.


But I'm still looking as well. 


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SCM's LDTR For Children has this.  There are poems, quotes, Bible verses, short stories, and activities or discussion ideas for each trait.  The readings and poems are all from the public domain, but everything is nicely organized.

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These are big, heavy books, and there are three volumes of them.  Character Sketches from the Pages of Scripture Illustrated in the World of Nature.  You can usually get them rather cheap on ebay, just wait for the good deal!

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