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  1. Hi bpskowski,

    I’m doing research on a game called “Numbers Undercover” made by Sunburst Technology. I noticed a long time ago that you posted that you were offered the game for free by a local school. I was wondering if you ever acquired the game?

  2. Thank You. I've got the girls their penpals.
  3. I've got a penpal lined up for my one daughter, now I need another for my other. She's a real girly girl - loves unicorns and anything pink! She loves to write too. Thanks
  4. Not sure where to post, but my two 10 year olds are looking for penpals. ?
  5. I'm using the history curriculum, modern, with my two 4th graders and my 8th grader! I'm using their writing curriculum that ties in with modern history too. I'm really liking it. My 8th grader has loved history from the first grade. My two girls don't seem to retain and enjoy it as much. On the other hand my 8th grader is not into writing and the two girls love writing. So every morning we meet and do easy classical history. The the girls have to do key word outline, paragraph and dress ups on one paragraph every week. My son has to do both paragraphs. It is really helping my girls focus in on the main important points. For my son it's a review plus making him produce paragraphs. (He is also doing Jump In for writing. Last year he did EIW and it worked well so continuing with that style for the weekly paragraphs just re-enforces EIW form last year.) He is also doing Beautiful Feet's US and World History Senior High. He reads very well and the literature approach is perfect for him.
  6. A month or so ago there was discussion, I think, about math remediation. But there was a website suggested that did a math assessment test. It was a very thorough math assessment and specified all the weak areas to be addressed. Plus the website offered online classes. I thought I bookmarked, but obviously not! Can you all help me remember? Thanks, Beth
  7. Over at Brookdale House, they list supplemental movies by history periods. also schedules Brainpop videos with other movies by history timeline.
  8. Thanks, both are great options!
  9. Can anyone direct me to classes or lesson plans for basic computer skills or maybe a bit more than basic? I saw something last year that was done online and brought you through windows, word, excel, etc. I don't want coding classes. Thanks
  10. I have twin 3rd graders. I do math and language arts together. Sometimes in spelling (with AAS) I would physically be in between them to make them focus on the tile board and not on each other. In math they do get competitive to see who "gets it" first. But I teach until they both get it. If one "gets it" much quicker than the other, then I'll become the student and she teaches both of us. I ask leading questions to make sure they other understands and by her teaching I know she really understands. I suppose they are both at similar levels. The only thing I do individually is reading aloud. They each sit with me and read through a passage at their level. I used to lose my patience when they were not paying attention, but now I expect it of them. If they don't, they lose something (immediately - no warnings) like their screen time. Of course, I will tailor lessons to their patience level. Short quick lessons, with enough breaks and snacks to keep them focused.
  11. I have not used Mr. D or Algebra relief, but I have a struggling math student. Last year I contemplated between Mr D and Teaching Textbooks. I ended up going with Teaching Textbooks (Pre-Algebra). We have abandoned the DVD's. Initially it went well, but then he was getting too many mistakes so I had to go through the textbook and back up a redo a bunch of lessons. Then he started using the textbook himself without DVD's. Again he started making too many mistakes. Now I just use textbook and teach him the lesson and review the last lesson before letting him do the exercises. But the textbook is very incremental and using it as a tool for me is helpful, but it did not achieve what I was hoping. For next year I'll be researching for someone like Mr. D or another live online math class. He needs hand holding.
  12. Just read her description carefully. It's about the science and nutrition from a primal perspective. The primal diet is a very specific way of eating. If you eat that way than this is a good explanation for children for why you eat that way.
  13. Check with your public library. They might have a storytelling group. If not start one through the library. The third Saturday in November is Tellabration, an international storytelling celebration.
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