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How to find all the topics you ever started here on the board?

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Heather, that's what I see as well when I go into my content but what about this post that I started a week ago -





or this one from awhile ago:






I worry that I won't be able to find the post when I need to refer to it again.



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You can't anymore.  That feature is broken, so you can only find the ones before a certain date or on the same day that you are checking on.

Ahh, good to know.  Thanks.  I'll have to start keeping better track of them on my own then.   :tongue_smilie: 

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Uh, have you just hit the search button and gone to advanced search?  I have no clue how the content page filters, but it never seems to show everything when I use it for people.  


I just played with it.  If you hit the cog beside the search forums box, it takes you to advanced search.  On that page put your username as the author, limit the Match field to search titles, and select show topics (not posts), then hit search.  When I do this, it shows that you started 4 threads.  Dunno if that's accurate, but there you go.

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What I see when I click your username and Find Content and limit to topics matches the list of 4 that show up in advanced search.


Do you feel like you're missing some?  

OHElizabeth, thanks for trying to help, but yes I am definitely missing some.  The only 2 that I can think of are the two that I linked upthread.  


When I do the Find Content - Topics List, I only get the 4 as well.  There should be at least 6, maybe more, but I can't think of any others.

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