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  1. Did you ever get an answer to your question? We are on level 5, so I can answer that one, but not the others. Level 5: Green suffix tiles ( er, est, ist, y, en, ish, able, ity, s, es, ful, ly, less, ness, ment, ed, ing) Red suffix tiles (tion, sion) Orange prefix tiles (dis, in, un, non, mis, sub, re, pre, inter, mid, over, up) Sorry, can't help with the other ones.
  2. I love math - especially the upper levels. So I teach and scribe everything for my severely dyslexic 12 year old son. We did Geometry last year and will be doing Algebra 1 this year. If I didn't personally teach, I would use Teaching Textbooks. My older son uses it and loves it. I don't have the time to work with him as much as I would like, but the program is very self-directed and works well for him. I think it would work well for teaching someone with dyslexia. Lots of review, very visual. I would let the program teach and then do the problems together. Definitely my choice if I wasn't wanting to do it personally.
  3. Following... We recently gained permanent guardianship of our foster son. He had a rough start in life as well so I have been reading and studying up on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Reactive Attachment Disorder and childhood trauma. It's been a hard road. And since we haven't been on it for very long, I don't feel like I know any answers. :001_smile: But blessings for taking in these hurt ones. (I like your C.S. Lewis quote. :001_cool: )
  4. Stacey, I got a subscription for netflix, so now I can just skim through the episodes, without feeling like I am wasting money. Morgan (Shemar Moore) is going to be starring in SWAT...a new show coming out this fall, I think. Can't wait to check that one out. :001_smile: I'm going to check some of these out. I love Sherlock Holmes, but I think that's the only British show I have ever watched. I didn't realize that there were so many. Thanks everyone. We are moving. Closing was supposed to be in two weeks, but now got pushed off by another 4 weeks. I have everything packed up, so not much to do the next 6 weeks. I don't usually watch a lot of TV, no time. So this is going to be kind of a treat.
  5. So I couldn't resist. I subscribed to Netflix...watched a couple of episodes. I'm getting really good at predicting when the scary parts are coming. I love Penelope and Morgan. :001_smile:
  6. Ha, Mergath, I totally get that. The bar for me is probably exceptionally low. I've only ever watched one horror show. It was with a group of friends and I felt like I couldn't leave. It left me scarred for years. :tongue_smilie: NCIS and NCIS LA are two of my favorite shows. And even with them, I usually skip the Halloween episodes. Or at least watch with my my eyes half closed and my finger on the mute button. :lol: So no I won't be buying any more episode. Obviously not the show for me. And I will be subscribing to Netflix (at least for the summer) and checking out some of the other shows mentioned here. Thanks everyone.
  7. Terabith, Thanks. Ok, you are probably right, then. I don't like torture/horror and was hoping that the later seasons were less not more. I'll check into the shows Zoobie mentioned. Too bad, I really liked the team.
  8. Thanks Zoobie, I hadn't considered Netflix...thanks for that....I think you just saved me a ton of money. :tongue_smilie: I haven't seen either of the two shows you mentioned. I'll check them out...I'm assuming they are both police procedurals?
  9. Asking the Hive because you all seem to know everything. :tongue_smilie: I just started watching the show, but I don't really like gore/horror. I bought season 2 in its entirety and then wished I hadn't. I am watching the show on Amazon...buying episode by episode. Most are more horror than I like to watch. But maybe there are like 3 or 4 in each season that are not too bad? Any suggestion? Or should I just give up on it? I really like the concept and the team and need a new show to watch over the summer. :001_cool: Thanks
  10. Thanks, flylady doesn't ring a bell, but I'll check her out.
  11. Kind of off the subject, but does anyone know which decluttering book equates space taken up in drawers with space taken up in your brain? Like if you walk into a room and even though the surfaces looks clean, if the drawers are all cluttered, your mind immediately takes note of that and can't relax. I'm not sure if I am even saying that right....I read the book more than 20 years ago and would love to find it again.
  12. Ughh, the frustrations of the tiles. :huh: I ran into somewhat the same problem when I wanted to share my beginner levels with my sister who lives in a different state. I searched high and low and couldn't find them. I ended up making a set for her. They are not quite the same, but they do the job. Maybe an option if you can't find the real thing?
  13. I spoke to my husband about this thread last night. Both of us are Christian, although not evangelical. Both of us have done street ministry...but not door to door. I wouldn't have seen much difference between the two. My DH, though, said he thinks that door-to-door is generally not a good idea....mainly, for all the reasons posted in this thread. Especially he said that people have the expectation of privacy in their own homes and he doesn't want to mess with that. Something for me to think about. This has been a very interesting thread.
  14. Mercy, I like everything you wrote. And very much agree.
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