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I vaguely recall that there is now a new PIN we need to use for the FAFSA? I must not have listened when that was discussed.

Can anybody briefly explain how we get it and what it does? We should still have the login information from last year.


I know most people did it earlier, but we're late, because we don't get Federal aid and just need to file the FAFSA in time for the college to process their financial aid application.


Thanks a lot - and my apologies if that was answered comprehensively and I am too dense to find it. It's a rough week.


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I only used a pin when I had to make corrections to my fafsa.  Otherwise, it seems like the previous pin system was replaced by the username/password.

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You can link your old pin # to the new FSA ID (both you and the student do this) when you get the FSA ID. You don't have to, but it does save time. 


I think we did both of them when logging into the FAFSA (as a returning user) to start the paperwork this year. But that was back in January, and I barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning...so ymmv, lol.



For youngest dd, who graduates this year we just got her FSA ID, then started the paperwork.








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