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Anyone else doing Singapore 6B? Question.


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The kids started 6B this month. They are going so slow!! They say they're not really having problems, just the number of steps and tedious arithmetic. I don't know. I think they should be accomplishing much more than what they are. Before I crack down on them, wondering if anyone else can compare. They usually move through things pretty quickly, so this is unusual. The output does not match the time supposedly spent.

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That kid is a speedster and can do math all day. Looking at the table of contents for 6B, are they at chapter 7 and 8? I'll just let them do as slowly as they need.


My DS10 took a long time to remember complementary and supplementary angles correctly. That is in chapter 9.


Chapter 11 and 12 is very useful for standardised tests down the road. Chapter 13 is of course useful since people tend to mess up order of operations.

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