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  1. They have a foundation, although it doesn't look like it supports the academy.
  2. I agree with Mark. CS is more logic than math. It's just that math is used to teach that logic.
  3. [i lied.] I think we can all agree that 2x3=3x2 (in the set of reals), but if I bring two sets of 3 balls to juggle with that third kid will be watching the other two.
  4. It's better if you start earlier. A little at a time now, before CWP3/4 hits you like a ton of bricks. If you wait the problems will be much harder and he will not have the requisite technical skills to explain the work.
  5. I think AAA just contracts with local companies who then come to provide service. So where you have the incident and the quality of the services provided is not really a reflection on AAA so much as it is on the local firms. AAA itself is only for in person services (meaning you go to an actual AAA office).
  6. I gave my kid these guidelines: Read the question carefully. Check your work after each step. Answer the question asked (not some other question you wish they had asked). Since we started doing this the careless error rate has really dropped.
  7. Using the logical implication truth table from Wikipedia as a guide, consider the following: Suppose P, Q, and R are all FALSE. Then: Since P is FALSE, [P->(Q->R)] is TRUE, regardless of what value is assigned to (Q->R) (P->Q) = TRUE, therefore (P->Q) -> R is FALSE (since R is assumed FALSE) Thus, [P->(Q->R)]->[(P->Q)->R] is equivalent to [TRUE -> FALSE] which is FALSE.
  8. The practice tests from CB break down the questions into various topics. Have you been able to use that for more directed instruction?
  9. Flipping through I found an error on 7-7. Maybe look it over thoroughly first.
  10. I started a 529 when my kid was born. Since that time the value has doubled. But that's probably largely because we are in the middle of one of the longest bull markets in history. Since a 529 is basically a mutual fund that is tax free for educational use, if your portfolio can earn more after tax return per annum then it is suboptimal. Without a lot of luck or sophistication it is not likely that any retail investor will consistently beat the general market return.
  11. FYI the AOPS placement tests are really easy but the program is not. If it's a good fit it will be very solid and worthwhile.
  12. I read this somewhere: "Old sayings are things old people say to make sure that only old people get to say those things." While I'm sure the author means well, his addendum sounds like a cop-out; but maybe my brain needs to develop physiologically before I can understand his line of seasoned reasoning. After many years of watching my kid conceptually understand math he shouldn't be old enough to comprehend, I have a very low tolerance for this stuff.
  13. Of course it's on the west side. Becausing putting it inland would just be too easy :laugh: Seriously though, this is really great! Can't wait to see the schedule.
  14. I showed this to my son and he said "hmm, for some reason 'unreasonably ambitious' sounds suspciously like 'crazy'." :laugh: Although adding another book wouldn't be overload, we've decided I only get to torture him one book at a time. Maybe when he's halfway through Geo I can try again...
  15. My son picks up math pretty quick and he's done their PreA and and wrapping up the Intro A soon. He says he wants more algebra but I want to get some geo in. Would we be crazy to try it? If not, how might we go about it?
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