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Early Childhod Music Theory and History Recs?

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I'm looking for early childhood music theory and history recommendations for a high school special needs child. No H in Snake type things but also beginning theory workbooks. Specifically theory, not piano. What do you like?

I'm not sure what I'm looking for exactly for music history. Something more than maestro classics CDs and composer stories, but still fun and at a low reading level. Is there such a thing as Story of Music History?

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Similar to No H in Snake and Mind Music Games (both by Michiko Yurko) is Keyboard Capers by Rebecca Doyle Lennon. The advantage of Keyboard Capers is that the manipulatives are included in the book and you can just cut them out or photocopy them. (If you want them ready made, Rainbow Resource sells them already cut up and possibly laminated). The books by Ms. Yurko seem to need very pricy manipulatives that she sells on her website, which adds up. If you want just a book, without manipulatives, there's the Progressive Music Theory for Young Beginners by Peter Gelling. ETA: There is also Voggy's ABC of Music by Martina Holtz that uses well-known children's songs to teach music theory as well.


There is also a workbook series called Just the Facts that teaches music theory starting in kindergarten up until twelth grade.


For music history, Alfred has a new book called Great Music and Musicians that may be too hard as far as reading comprehension, but it is illustrated beautifully. At a much easier reading level there is the three book series Young Person's Guide to Music History by Carolyn Jones Campbell.

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