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Kindle Fire kid version or regular?


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I am probably going to get my kids kindle fires this year for Christmas. They will be mainly using it for music, audiobooks and educational apps. My oldest reads actual books rather then electronic books and I think I would like to keep it that way for now. I am trying to decide if the extra features of the kid version are worth it. It is $15 off this week.


Also my son likes listening to audiobooks and can listen to things at a much higher level then he can read for now. I like the idea of wispersync but I cannot buy lots of expensive books. I know there are some free options out there where you can get the audiobook cheap but it seems most of the options like that are abridged. Is there some affordable way of listening to books and syncing it with the text?


Is there a decent amount of apps available? I know there is much less then the Apple Store but I found some of the ones they like with a quick search.

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It's not a mistake. There are perks and downsides.  If I remember correctly (Grandma is buying three for three of ours and opted for Kid/Foam versions.)  The KID versions come with a "you can't kill me" warranty for two years and come with a case.  Cases aren't cheap.  We've spent from $20 (used) to $50 on cases.  Then the warranty is a no questions asked thing.


*WE* just bought a child the $35 Kindle Fire.  She's young, so I could care less about the HD part - though Ana's does look better as an HD, and we already had a case for it.  It didn't make sense for US, plus this kiddo is fairly careful.


So neither is a bad deal, they are just different. :) 

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