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reimbursement issue


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I am so upset! I covered expenses for one of my dc's teams and was told I would get reimbursed within two weeks. It has been over a month and I have not received a check yet, so I asked about it last week. Well, the treasurer said she mailed it month ago and everyone else cashed their check but me. So, now they decided that I need to wait another month so I have time to find the check in my house!


I get the mail. No check came. I have gone through my mail pile several times since it was mailed and did not find it. Dh went through his desk pile the other day, and no check. I double checked when she said it had already been mailed. My house is tidy, there is no other place to look. I would have seen it when I got the mail from the mailbox anyway.


The treasurer may have mailed it, but it did not reach my house. I should not be out of the money for 60 days.

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They just need to stop the check they sent you and issue another one.  That's not a big deal for them.  There may be a fee for the check stop. 


Call them today and tell them you did not receive the check and don't need more time to find it in your house - how condescending of them.   I think I'd also decline any more opportunities to cover any expenses for them in the future.

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