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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning

- dishes- in dishwasher

- tidy house- round 1 done

- school work- finished 3 out of 4 statistics assignments (waiting to see if I get feedback before Sunday morning to do the last one)

- fold laundry- all done even the socks :D

- get dd1 off bus- done

- dinner- done

- baths- done

- bedtime routine- done

- anything else I get done- cleaned out fridge, vacuumed living room

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Hi guys.  Well, physically I am having some troubles today, but I think they will resolve themselves fairly soon.  I hope.


I am still feeling kinda down about the school / behavior stuff.  Or maybe I'm just hormonal.  Or both.


On the work side of things, I have a lovely email where a lawyer is trying to blame me for his screw-up.  Gotta love days that start that way.  I have enough problems with my actual screw-ups, I don't need to take on other people's.


I got through a conference call.  I think I can spend the rest of the work day getting stuff done.


I don't really have a list for today.  Basically work and be a parent.  We'll go out to eat tonight like every Friday.


Oh, and I need to get my kids' passport renewals in process today.

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awful awful day


Thursday late afternoon:


the placement agency that we have the twins through just noticed that DH's Working With Children expired some months back. We were unaware that it had expired. He still has a current police check. they  rang up and said they are removing the twins. :crying:  :crying: :crying:  :crying:  :crying:  :crying:   Not can you go get one straight away, just we are removing them. ARGH!!!  half an hour later they rang back to ask DH to quickly file for a Working With Children. as the Post Office was then closed we could only do the online part of it and had to do actual lodging part Fri morning.


Friday involved DH doing not only the application for a new Working With Children but also doing a new police check ( which is processed faster, 30 minutes instead of 3 weeks).Police check came back crystal clear.

 and our case manager and her supervisor partitioning in our behalf in extensive meetings with the head of the placement agency ( very large organization) to let the twins remain with us. Case manager even sought advice from the Justice Department who said a police check plus receipt of lodgment is fine for twins to remain with us. DHS wants the twins to remain with us. just this agency has a policy that if your WWC has expired then the kids will be removed.


really really hard to teach 22 children while the whole inside of me is weeping :crying:  :crying: :crying:  



 Twins are still here, final decision will not be made until Monday.






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