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AoPS online teachers

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Is the quality of the teachers  pretty much the same?  It is time to sign up for Spring semester and so far only the classes have been posted, not the teachers.  I don't know if I should bother waiting to see if DS's current teacher will be teaching or just sign him up.  Has anyone noticed a difference among teachers that would translate to level of student enjoyment?  This is DS's first class, so we have nothing to compare it to.  Do most students continue at the same time?  He does enjoy seeing familiar names, so maybe that is something to consider...

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There is a member here who has at least one kid who assists with classes...or is a teacher for AoPS...?


I have a vague memory of being told here that the AoPS classes are actually scripted, so that they are the same across different classes. It also gives them consistency of instruction. I can't quite remember, so I might be wrong about that.  I do remember being very impressed with the expectations on the teachers and the assistants.  They are all very good and super qualified. 

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