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Quick and dirty exponents?

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Is there a resource like Keys to for a kid who needs more work or practice with exponents problems? We loved Keys to Fractions and Decimals for this exact reason because I could pull out just the worksheets that dealt with whatever the issue was within the topic. Ds probably only needs a week or so to practice them more and get it cemented but I'm not finding a workbook or anything just on exponents. Suggestions?

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I just needed this too!!!


I didn't find anything! Or, rather, I didn't find anything that was as good as the Key to books. Argh.


There is teaching about exponents in the Key to Algebra, book 2. It's not great though. Not the focus. Blerg.


There are some great NCERT chapters about exponents:

From grade 7: http://ncertbooks.prashanthellina.com/class_7.Mathematics.Mathmatics/Chapter%2013.pdf

From grade 8: http://ncertbooks.prashanthellina.com/class_8.Mathematics.Mathematics/12_Powers.pdf

But they're really more teaching and were too in depth for "just practice!" Still, good in some ways.


MEP has exponents sections in the GCSE book. It's probably useful to know that Britspeak for exponents is apparently indices.



Worksheetworks (a worksheet generator), as a few for exponents:



I didn't find anything that was quite what I wanted. But... oh well?

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I just recently purchased two books to help supplement our Pre-Algebra course:


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