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If we like REWARDS, what writing program might be a good fit?


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Ds14 has just started REWARDS this past month and it is going well so far.  Is there a writing program that would complement Rewards?  Ds is decent with dictation and spelling but has NO ability to translate what he knows to generating his own original writing.  The stuff he can write from a dictation is way above what he could write on his own.  How do we bridge this gap? This has been going on for years, where his skills keep growing and it makes no improvement in his writing.


The VoyagerSopris website is such a headache to navigate.  Nothing there quite fits my son's level or needs.


Rewards wasn't even on my radar for ds.  I don't remember what made me finally look at it...but it's perfect (so far).  Just wondering what may be out there for writing that I don't know about.  Ds has Down syndrome and possibly CAPD that was hinted at years ago but never confirmed.



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Thank you for the recommendations.   I've looked at Step Up to Writing and think it may be more than ds can handle right now...not sure.  I've never heard of the King books.  I looked for samples and couldn't find any.  I'd like to see more.


Thanks again!

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