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  1. I just wanted to share some of our experience with language disorder (single figure percentiles) and high school. One development that took us by surprise was a big growth in higher level language skills, like inference, over the high school years, even though the lower levels were (and still are) weak. DD read (actually used audio alongside text using Learning Ally) To Kill a Mockingbird amongst other novels and really got a great deal from analysing the books, which we mostly did orally. I never thought we would reach this point or anywhere near it. There was no magic bullet, we just too
  2. DD did this with Oak Meadow doing the grading, so I can't answer your question about a rubric. For the first semester a project was required for every lesson. For the second semester, she was able to drop a few projects as long as she did the comprehension questions for the lesson, or she could drop the questions as long as a project was submitted. The reading journal was optional, and we chose not to do it.
  3. DD is full time with K12 (used independently). We have used others, but this is far the best for our situation.
  4. It works here. It is very structured, with a list of expected work every day, and allows me full access to check up on grades and progress. You can work ahead if already mastered. Looking at a computer is less of a distraction than being in a room with others. As said above, there are ways to control access to other websites. What I would not do is a mix of all sorts of providers and coops which is going to be an executive function nightmare.
  5. DD did 8 credits with Calvert for 9th and into 10th grade before transferring into K12 international academy. Is there anything in particular that I can help with?
  6. We are overseas and DD is enrolled full time in K12 International Academy. I am very pleased with the academics, and the professionalism of teachers and administrators. One word of caution - be sure that what your daughter has already done for high school is transferable. I had to provide accredited transcripts for credits earned elsewhere to be accepted.
  7. I think it is far more likely that a 9 year old is communicating her distress by crying over an extended period of a few months, rather than being manipulative. From what you have said, the school has changed nothing since fall, in fact they are directly accusing a child of something quite unpleasant. An anxious, stressed child will not learn best, and will not be getting the best social experience of school either. I waited out 18 months of misery before pulling DD out of PS, and I recall asking someone if things would get better. Their reply was that eventually DD would stop crying as
  8. Thank you Daria. Those examples are really encouraging here this morning (FSIQ in the 80s, WM 2% age 12).
  9. A question to those using The Elements - how many chapters are there? I can't seem to find this detail from the website. Thanks.
  10. I am researching what to use after we finish up Nancy Larson 4 as I understand further levels are not going to be available in time for us to use. I would be interested finding out from people who have used this program, what they went on to use afterward.
  11. We have done Verticy phonics yellow upwards and writing orange upwards. I took a look at what my DD was producing for both orange/yellow levels and your 'My dog' composition is definitely up to the standard at the beginning of the yellow level. We have done a Calvert/Verticy bundle of different levels since 3rd grade (finishing 6th now) and were one of the first families to have a package designed that goes across multiple grade levels for different aspects. If you have any questions, I would be happy to help.
  12. Does this given any more clues? VC: 85 Similarities: 8 Vocabulary: 7 Comprehension:7 PR: 86 Block design: 7 Picture concepts: 10 Matrix reasoning: 6 WM: 68 Digit span:3 Letter number sequences: 6 PS: 91 Coding: 7 Cancellation: 10 Any insight would be useful!
  13. Listening in on this thread. I have just got the results for DD and they are: VC 85 PR 86 WM 68 PS 91 This is a similar pattern, with the exception of the processing speed, and I was told that it could not be interpreted. I am interested to know how any of this makes sense, especially as DD has unmedicated ADHD and specific language impairment. I would expect both these to impact massively on test performance, but there was no comment made on this.
  14. DD12 had a multi-disciplinary bunch of assessments last week, and in advance of the report they have indicated that she needs a curriculum that 'values learning through doing/exploration/experimentation/demonstration'. Any ideas where I start with this? At the moment she is working well and happily above grade level with a traditional math program (Calvert) so I had no intention of changing things up there, but everything else is up for grabs for what will be 7th grade. I am particularly interested in materials for science (her favourite) and writing (the biggest struggle for her). I
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