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  1. I just wanted to share some of our experience with language disorder (single figure percentiles) and high school. One development that took us by surprise was a big growth in higher level language skills, like inference, over the high school years, even though the lower levels were (and still are) weak. DD read (actually used audio alongside text using Learning Ally) To Kill a Mockingbird amongst other novels and really got a great deal from analysing the books, which we mostly did orally. I never thought we would reach this point or anywhere near it. There was no magic bullet, we just took one day at a time. I hope that this gives someone some encouragement, as I know how hard this all is.
  2. DD did this with Oak Meadow doing the grading, so I can't answer your question about a rubric. For the first semester a project was required for every lesson. For the second semester, she was able to drop a few projects as long as she did the comprehension questions for the lesson, or she could drop the questions as long as a project was submitted. The reading journal was optional, and we chose not to do it.
  3. DD is full time with K12 (used independently). We have used others, but this is far the best for our situation.
  4. It works here. It is very structured, with a list of expected work every day, and allows me full access to check up on grades and progress. You can work ahead if already mastered. Looking at a computer is less of a distraction than being in a room with others. As said above, there are ways to control access to other websites. What I would not do is a mix of all sorts of providers and coops which is going to be an executive function nightmare.
  5. DD did 8 credits with Calvert for 9th and into 10th grade before transferring into K12 international academy. Is there anything in particular that I can help with?
  6. We are overseas and DD is enrolled full time in K12 International Academy. I am very pleased with the academics, and the professionalism of teachers and administrators. One word of caution - be sure that what your daughter has already done for high school is transferable. I had to provide accredited transcripts for credits earned elsewhere to be accepted.
  7. Just one more on the 12/2015 edition (which is the current one) Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors by Nicholas Wade
  8. It is not hopeless. You appear to have made the decision that going to public school is not an option for 9th grade and, given what you have said, I can't see a better option. My first point is that you do not have to complete all the 8th grade materials to be ready to enter 9th grade. Possibly my only extra comment on this would be to say that it would be desirable to have the math skills in place that you would expect of someone who has completed 8th grade. Think of all the people in an 8th grade year and I bet you will find that the vast majority advance to 9th grade however they have performed. If your DD was coming from another school or even country, she would be enrolled on the basis of her age, and not performance. Secondly, if the TTUISD materials and way of studying are suiting your circumstances, then you have the option of paying for an extension. You do not have to be tied to the PS calendar so that you could finish up 8th grade over the next few months and move onto 9th grade in early 2018. That way she would only be a semester 'behind' and could make this up over future summers if that worked for you. If TTUISD is not working well, it is possible that there is too much responsibility on the student to organize their own workload. DD has done TTUISD middle school courses, and this aspect was tough. She is now with K12. I am confident that she is getting a good education, and it is very structured so that a student knows exactly what is expected on a daily basis. For someone suffering with anxiety, I would think having a solid structure helps. You would want to make sure that whatever you chose, it would meet state requirements so that you don't close the door on returning to PS if the situation improves in the future. Lastly, I think you need to use your DH - now that he accepts there is no option but to carry on at home - to talk to the other children and the rest of the family about the decision to continue at home being the right one. Essentially, he needs to get everyone off your back so that you and DD can move forward. The anguish in your post was so obvious, that you need support and not criticism.
  9. Adding a bit to my earlier post about K12 (as an independent). DD is enrolling full time in the fall and it is clear from the documentation required that to go in at 11th grade without a transcript from an accredited institution for 9th and 10th grades would be very difficult. It looks as though checking on the transferability of existing credits should be one of the key questions for the OP.
  10. We are really enjoying K12 English and science courses, and DD will be enrolling full time for 11th grade in the fall. This is using it independently through K12 iCademy, and not through a public free virtual school. Unfortunately Oak Meadow is pricing its teacher-supported courses at $2,000 per full year credit now, which makes it completely outside our budget to continue although DD is using one of their courses for 10th grade now.
  11. K12 offer 'core' versions of English, math, social studies, and science classes which are simplified but interesting.
  12. DD is taking Earth Science as one of her 10th grade courses. She tells me that this is her favourite class, and I like that she has to take notes for each lesson as this is an important skill. The workload is 60 minutes a day for 5 days each week. If there is a lab or a live class that will run over. A live class is usually 45 minutes, depending on how many students show up, and they are recorded and available at any time. The live classes are not very frequent, one or two each month, but DD has contact with a teacher whenever she wants. The assignments are a mix of short quizzes, which are graded by computer, longer multiple choice tests and some short answer written problems marked by the teacher, and lab reports/projects/discussion boards which are also graded by the teacher. The feedback comes within a day or so. I don't think the content is particularly challenging, but it is definitely high school level and not middle school. I have compared her work with the CPO Earth Science text for middle school and it is much more advanced. The actual work on computer is supplemented by a reference guide that is an e-book. There is not a lot of actual reading, the reference guide is more about illustrations and photos explaining a concept. There is plenty of reference to the age of the earth, evolution etc. For us they are good value, as DD has some learning issues which make things harder for her and we have found that the set up is ideal for allowing her to be successful. She is signed up to start more courses soon, as we are all very pleased with how the first semester has gone.
  13. DD has just finished semester 1 of K12. Not the honors version, but apart from the specific honors projects in your link the content has been the same. What would you like to know?
  14. You should be able to get a referral to an NHS speech and language therapist either from your GP or health visitor. It is also possible to make an appointment direct with the speech and language therapy services. My experience is that this is the most accessible route for someone who is not in the school system and, even if issue is not primarily one of speech and language, they have a lot of experience and will often be able to point you in the right direction of what they think the issues are like a poor working memory. We did eventually get a multi-disciplinary assessment through the NHS, but the whole purpose seems to be directed around getting a statutory assessment for special school placement, so it was of no use at all in helping us to help DD. There was certainly no guidance in the way of 'this means that you need to do...' Whatever you manage to achieve in the way of testing, I think you would be better going back to the beginning just like you said. And of course emphasise that this is because of a teaching problem, rather than it being a failure on her part.
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