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Bored with MUS


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We have been using MUS for two years now and for the most part it has been a good fit. My daughter who doesnt like Math, liked it better than R&S (which we did in 2nd grade and I loved).....she had loved Shiller (which we did in first great and it was great, but drove me crazy jumping from one thing to another), My other daughter who also doesnt like Math (MUS is all she has known) still does well with it. Lately I have been feeling restless and wondering if I should change curriculums (I know if it isn't broken then don't fix it), I want something a little bit more colorful and fun, but not as visually distracting as Saxon. I know my oldest daughter is feeling the same way.


I am thinking about Shiller again (now that my daughter can read and do her lessons independently) but it is so expensive and but I work on a pretty small curriculum budget. I would love something a bit more colorful and fun and has some manipulatives, but inexpensive. Any ideas? I saw "Math Made Simple" at christianbook.com and it looks interested (and for a classroom setting), but I cant find any more information or reviews for it.


Any ideas or suggestions or has anybody felt the same as I have?





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and use them to supplement MUS? You could switch out what you use every day or two to keep things more interesting for less $.


I'm not familiar with the other programs in your post, but I guess if I were looking for colorful and fun, but the curriculum I already had was working, I'd go this cheap and easy workbook route.




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Maybe purchasing a workbook at your favorite bookseller might give you something different to work with while you stick with what's working for you. I just bought a couple at Barnes and Noble for dc who are doing Shiller Math.


Best wishes!

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Thanks for all the great ideas.....I have thought about Singapore and Horizons and thought about using them for supplements, but still havent decided....I still have 8 months until the next school years starts LOL, but this is when I do my usual Curriculum shopping.


I will have to check out the website too!

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