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Teachers Pay Teachers - Care to help me out?

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For awhile, I made things for Teachers Pay Teachers. But, since my school doesn't allow us to utilize these types of things anymore, I stopped. However, I really enjoy making them and want to start back up. It's a bit harder to come up with ideas when you're not inspired in the classroom, but I'm going to try to make things that I want to do with my daughter later on. 

So, if you have bought from Teachers Pay Teachers (or any website like it), what are some of the things you typically look to buy? 
Do you look for unit studies, lit studies, games, activities?
What's the maximum price you pay? 


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Interactive Notebooking for skill subjects - Math & LA, or for vocabulary like science, literary terms, etc.


Mostly I'm looking for general supplemental teacher notes on concepts and vocab in a different or more interesting form, foldables, etc. that can be reviewed alongside or as a supplement to any literature or science units I design. Will pay up to $50 for full year of material or multiple units as long as it includes the teacher's notes & does not require student writing

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Games to teach a specific skill.

--identifying blends: sw, sn, sm, sp, cr, dr, shr, str, scr 
Just 2-3 for each activity.

--fractions matched to a visual, colored-in shape

--fractions matched to decimals and vice versa


--identify notes on a music staff


--foreign language (Spanish) bingo game or matching game



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