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  1. Holy moly! You all are still going strong! 😍 I love it. 😄 (I'm NOT going to attempt to catch up right now, though.) How is everyone?
  2. Yes it is. I wasn't totally sold on it, but a ton of moms in my FB group for homeschooling w/auditory processing disorder recommended it. However, it does seem to be one of those where it either works great or it doesn't work at all. And thanks!
  3. Thanks! I'll look at that. We do go back and review the sounds sometimes, like the other day when she couldn't remember anything, but having optional lessons and stuff would be great.
  4. That's good to know. I do have the 1st Explode the Code, so when it starts to get too fast for her, we'll take a break and go back to review. Today was a great day. Two days ago, she couldn't remember half the sounds. lol (Seems to be typical from what I'm reading, so we just keep pushing on.)
  5. I'm happy. She struggles so much with reading, so I'm happy that this is giving her some confidence.
  6. So happy today! It's taken us multiple curriculum changes, but I think we finally found one that will work for her!
  7. Ok, so I had to load to Youtube because my file was massive on here. Anyway, in a homeschooling group for auditory pricessing disorder, people suggested we try 100 EZ lessons for Riv. Y'all!! I had my doubts, but this is the first curriculum in 2 years that has made it so she can read!! The pre-Explode the Code books were great, but she is comprehending and enjoying it so much. She's just finally excited that she can read! (I mean, she still no letter name retention, but as long as we have the sounds, we're making progress.)
  8. I think cauliflower tastes like toots smell. 🤣 I still don't know what possessed me to think I wouldn't taste it in this. Also, low carb/keto people put it in "NOatmeal" so they can pretend they're happily eating real oatmeal. lol
  9. I need a good recipe. I found a recipe online for a "Keto oatmeal" and it had cauliflower in it. I gagged through 2 bites and tossed it. 🤢
  10. Geez. Mine just goes fishing. 😕 lol I really want some sushi now! (I'm going to whip up some red curry chicken as soon as the meat thaws.)
  11. Hey all! It's been forever, but wanted to pop in and say hey! Also just giving an update on my dad for those who are interested. 😉 Feb 11 will be one year since his accident. WOW. Time has flown and dragged by. It's funny how things like that happen. Anyway, he's doing really, really well. No more PT or speech therapy. He has a neurologist he sees now - I can't remember if I told on here, but Mom took him to the hospital back in November(?) for possible mini-strokes or partial onset seizures. They still aren't completely sure which it was, but he's on medication for both. Aside from that, he's doing really well. He was approved for disability, but they're not getting much because they're still getting payments from Workman's Comp. We're not sure how long WC will be paying out, so that's a bit frustrating, but it is what it is. 🤷‍♀️ He is able to drive which helps mom a lot. But, he still has a lot of deficits - like, he doesn't understand money - he bought a $60 harmonica back around Christmas. lol 😳; He also can't identify money, so that's fun. He has minimal sarcasm comprehension, too, which can be difficult since we're all pretty sarcastic. Random things that peope don't always understand right off the bat; you could look at him and think everything was normal if you didn't know what to look for. We joke that he's turned into Rain Man. He can't tell a dime from a nickel, but he can look at a diagram of a shed and immediately tell how it was put together incorrectly. He notices the most minute variations in width, if something is barely off center, etc. So...yeah...He's our own Rain Man. Over all, though, he's made an amazing recovery from Feb 14 when the doctor was pretty certain that he could NOT save him. So, we'll gladly take the remedial math and language deficits. On Feb 10, the church is doing a small "Yay! You're alive" celebration. (That's what I'm calling it because it makes me laugh.) We'll go down to celebrate, then go out to eat, and enjoy the fact that we aren't remembering a loss this time of year. Anyhoo, we're all good, just busy. Riv's good and loving co-op and doing well at church since she wears headphones and has some buddies that check in on her. She's also almost done with OT. PT is getting better too and I think we'll be down to one session by next fall. So, that's us in a nutshell. 🙂 I'm hoping to pop in more often now that I have figured out a better schedule and routine for school and my 2 at-home jobs. How are you guys?!
  12. Crazy enough, I have never had it plain!!! I was first introduced to it with blueberry pie filling and that's all we do now. haha I need to try it like that.
  13. We did it the pretest about a year ago and she did AWFUL. That was before we did the CTOPP to see where her deficits were, ADHD meds, and all the therapy. I should do it again and see how she does. The SLP was working on quite a few things including phonological processing. We have work sent home, so we're doing it at home and at speech. Dd also works on the HearBuilder app at home and does some phonological awareness stuff. I do know that dd has met all or most of her initial goals pertaining to the MRELD (which is partially why we did the CELF again), but I honestly don't remember everything that was listed. We had so much in the beginning. 😕 We haven't reevaluated the goals yet, but I know the SLP will be doing that soon.
  14. Sopapilla Cheesecake is really easy and versatile. I used to make it for all the parties and potlucks I used to go to. I like to put pie filling on top of the cheesecake mixture, then put the top crust on. The most popular has been apple pie filling with caramel sauce. Then when it's done cooking, I do a drizzle of caramel sauce on top.
  15. We have to slow down a lot, so I'm anticipating it'll be more like 150 EZ lessons or something like that. haha
  16. Yeah, I'm hoping the new curriculum will help with the "almost always a hit" aspect. I've seen a lot of recommendations for the 100 Easy Lessons in my APD group on Facebook, so I grabbed it and the next Explode the Code level (she did really well with ETC beginning books). (Her other curriculum didn't have enough reinforcement for her, so I'm hoping this does the trick. If not, oh well. I got them used. lol)
  17. For real! We had a big dance party. She had a hard time believing that she read, though. "That's not reading. Looking at big words and knowing what they say - THAT is reading. I just looked at little words and put sounds together." I had to call my mom who reassured her that she did, in fact, read. lol Yes, our SLP and our new OT are fabulous! She has really bonded with them both, which helps.
  18. No idea. I had to come up with something! lol We pretty much just did the CELF again for comparative data, to see where her numbers were falling. (This is what was used for her Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder.) She still struggles with the phonological processing. Letter sounds are hit or miss, but we're getting more hits than misses now, which is good. It's definitely slower, but she was able to fumble her way through the first BOB book (Mat sat. Sam sat. etc.) Having a purpose behind the sounds (and her desire to read) is helping and we're getting ready to try a different reading curriculum that I've heard can be good for APD. She's hearing rhymes and identifying phonological differences more easily and the SLP is implementing Buffalo Method strategies to help with that. Also, not sure where the narrative language is right now; but it's not low, I know that. I do know they do a lot of picture narratives - she will look at pictures and tell what she thinks is going on, they do games and play with a doll house and she's supposed to talk about what's happening. She always does really well with that, too. We go back to Able Kids in May, so I'm curious to see if her CANS has developed more and her APD is slightly improved or if most of her improvement has been due to therapy and ADHD medication.
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